Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Moving!

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"Fearless" By Max Lucado

It goes without saying that we have all found ourselves paralyzed by fear at one time or another. Whether it was based on real life circumstance or paranoia that a fear might come, we can all sympathize with the grip fear has on our lives. I just finished reading Max Lucado's newest book, "Fearless", which focuses on many typical areas of fear that often paralyze us. In each chapter Lucado offers witty over-exgagerated examples of each of these specific fears and supplements them with a Biblical example when believers are encouraged to trust God's hand and provision.

I could not help but think as I read "Fearless" of times in my life when I needed to hear that message. Lucado's writing style is easy to follow and makes "Fearless" difficult to put down. While I found myself underlining or marking something in every chapter, the final ones were most memorable. In the last chapters Lucado address the fact that things will get worse before they get better. In a world where we are faced with a new "crisis" every time we turn on the news, it is so important to remember that chaos is a part of God's plan. Lucado reminds readers that God provides reassurance that there will be wars, rumors of wars, sorrow and happiness-- but that He remains faithful in it all. It seems to come naturally to freak out when these things come to be, but Lucado paraphrases Jesus in Matthew 24:6 saying "Don't freak out when bad stuff happens" (pg. 153). Bad things have, are, and will continue to occur, but as believers we should hold strongly to the knowledge that our Lord is control of it all.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I know that I will continue to refer to it when in facing fear. Lucado wrote, "Feed your fears, and your faith will starve. Feed your faith, and your fears will." (pg. 74). Reading this book is one way to feed your faith, not your fears.

If you wish to purchase this book, you can buy it here on Amazon:

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