Friday, September 5, 2008

Football Games, Spa Nights, and Strawberry Fest, Oh, My!

It's been a busy, busy few weeks here. We opened the halls on the 20th of August and classes started on the 25th. Once the halls opened life seemed to settle down a bit. Since the 25h I have been busy meeting with my community leaders and graduate assistants.

I am loving my life here right now. I have the opportunity to work with some great students and really enjoying the studious nature that they all have. I work with the Engineering and Computer Science Living Learning Program which means 80% of the students who live in my building fall into one of those degree plans. I also have a lot of the female athletes in my building. I was a bit intimidated by working with these students because the discipline and intelligence that is required to be successful in ECS is much different than that which was required of me as a Psychology and Religion major in college. However, I feel that I have found my groove with these students. They seem to respect my honesty about having no idea what the titles of their classes even mean (i.e. Partial Differential Equations. . . really?!). They try to explain to me what it means and seem comforted that it's ok with me if they also have no idea. Plus, several of them have discovered that I have an extensive writing background and I anticipate editing a lot of papers for my very math minded students.

I also am teaching a University 1000 course here on campus. This is similar to a freshman seminar class at other universities, but is tied in with the chapel program at Baylor. I have a class of about 15 freshman women and I couldn't be happier. I had considered asking for a class of women, but knowing how large of an undertaking the assignments were, I chose not to. As fate (or perhaps the hand of God) would have it, I got that class anyway. The woman who supervised my internship experience here last summer was in charge of the class/professor assignments (she had to assign each student manually to a class, which is a large undertaking when you have over 3000 new students). The assignments left several group of all women, and she put me in one of them, knowing that I would see it as a neat ministry opportunity. I have loved my time talking with these women about "spiritual practices" like service, humility, attention/intention, sabbath, friendship and integrity.

On a sadder note- I am constantly reminded of how little attention college students pay to the world around them. As I was finishing coffee today with a dear friend, we walked out of the coffee shop to see that a student on a bike was hit by a student in a car. Who knows which, if not both, of them failed to pay attention. I constantly see students walk and out into the path of a car without even stopping to notice that the car is there. Accidents like this could be avoided if people paid a bit more attention. (P.S. The student who got hit was seemingly alive and alert. He was also wearing a helmet, which is very unusual. The girl appeared to have been turning her car onto a street when she hit him, which hopefully means she wasn't going that fast. her windshield was severely dented and cracked though from the biker. She was VERY upset. Say a few prayers for all those involved. I cannot imagine what either of them are going through.)

On a much happier note- enjoy a slide show from my recent football game adventures!


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