Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Template, Shout Out to Mom, Swine Flu, Among Other Things

I recently (i.e. earlier this week) entered an "updating" phase of life. One of the things I updated was the layout of my blog! Gone are the dark and dreary days of old. I also have some fun background music now! These changes elicited the following email from my dear mother:

Hi Daughter,
What have you done to your blog????? I think I like the colors it sure is bright..and I think suits you better. Oh. The music that starts up when I click on it is nice too. I have left it on in the back ground.
Love you sweetie,

It first I thought she was mad, but then I realized I think she likes it better than the old drab blog. Hi Mom. Glad you like it! Maybe next time I'm home I'll teach you how to leave comments! Love you!

As you may have heard, there's a bit of a flu going around. . . of the swine variety. This particular strand has been a bit lethal in Mexico and has officially claimed one life in Texas. (I will point out, that New York has had more confirmed cases than Texas, so don't freak out too much). Baylor's staying on top of it, and we have a webpage dedicated to it, just in case it hits Waco (which it hasn't).

This of course isn't helping the fact that I have been feeling a little under the weather the last couple of days. Yesterday I nearly choked on my own breath during a VP Candidate presentation and made quite the scene. Today I woke up with a splitting headache. Don't worry though- no fever, or other flu symptoms. Stay away little piggies.

It's really hard to believe that my first full academic year at Baylor is coming to a close. This week marks the last full week of class. Last week we had Diadeloso (Day of the Bear in Spanish). The next to last Thursday of Spring Classes Baylor cancels class, let's employees off at noon and there is a huge party. It was a blast! It was sunny, 80-90 degrees outside and a perfect day for concerts, dog shows, huge Tug-o-War competitions (seriously. HUGE). I entered Tuck in the Dia Dog Show and we had a great time. He kind of did a trick on the stage, but got distracted by another dog and the crowd simultaneously saying, "ahhhh" at him. He didn't win, but I am convinced that next year is our year! (Yes, I am a dog-show parent, but he doesn't mind!)

Spending all day outside I got a lot of sun (and of course, I didn't wear sunscreen. Oops). But, This one hasn't peeled, so I think I might actually get a bit of a tan this year! That will be quite the first. This summer I plan to spend quality time by the pool with friends, Tuck and a good book. I just have to find a swim suit first.

Before I get there though, I have to make it through the rest of the year. It seems that life picks up a bit between now and next week, and then for closing of course. Today's my last day with my CL Leadership Class- Having them has been a blast. I'm baking some cookies to celebrate our semester and looking forward to our time together. It's actually about time to head out to class! Enjoy the bright colors and background music!


langhofflove said...

LOVE the picture of Tuck! You are so talented and he is PRECIOUS! what is his breed again? Brian and I looked at a Maltipoo last weekend and we fell in love with that breed!

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