Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review of "The Principle of the Path"

I recently signed up for Thomas Nelson Publisher's Blogger Book Review program. This program allows bloggers to receive copies of Thomas Nelson's newest books to read and review. It's a pretty great deal, because I just get to do what I love-- read and write, and get free material to do those things! Without further ado, here is my first book review for this!

I was initially drawn to Andy Stanley's "The Principle of the Path" for the sub-titles on the cover-- "How to get from where you are to where you want to be". As someone who is hoping to move a community from one place to another, I thought this might have some great insight for my work and life.

Stanley's thesis is pretty clear from the beginning- the choices we make determine our outcome. Making a series of poor choices probably will result in some poor outcomes. While this point is true, and something I hope my students learn during college, that seems to be the meat of the book. Each subsequent chapter outlines more examples of how people were faced with choices and how those choices led them to where they were. I kept hoping the next chapter would provide new information, or more advice on guiding one's self or organization down the path to where we want to go. But, I felt like Stanley left me hanging.

I will say though, the book was a fairly easy read and his examples are relatable. While I felt like I needed something more and deeper from this book, I do think there are those in the world need to know that making reckless choices now will only harm them in the end. I would recommend this book for those who would like encouragement in the truth that making wise choices now is making a choice for goodness in your life. I wouldn't rank it at the top of my favorite books list, but it certainly is not at the bottom either.

You can find this book on Amazon here.


Shannon R Dean said...

What a neat deal! How did you find out about that?

Sarah Gail said...

I follow the CEO of Thomas Nelson's blog ( and follow him on twitter.

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