Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Finally Over?

I've been looking forward to this day for what seems like years- the end of the 2008 Presidential election (oh wait, it has been years). All that anyone has talked about it seems has been this election. And it's finally over, so we can all go back to life as normal, right?

Apparently not.

In the days leading up to the election it appeared that all my Facebook friends were donating their status to one candidate or the other. Now those status messages have transformed either into elation or decrees that the world is ending.

The reality is our country has a new, historic president. And, it was within my parents and grandparents life time that this went from being impossible, to reality. That to me is incredibly humbling.

Even though I did not vote for Obama, and disagree with him on many issues, I have to admit, it is so neat to be a part of his piece in history. How awesome is it that we got to see the first black president? I saw a news clip on where a democratic strategist commented that what was most meaningful for her was that when he is sworn in, he will be sworn in on the Capital steps that were built by slaves. Slaves who never would have dreamed that this day would be possible. It seems that our country has come full circle.

Regardless of party affiliation, as a Christian I am called to respect and obey governmental authority. Even if I am disappointed, and there are things that concern me, I am still proud to be an American.


The Neeleys said...

Great post. Romans 13 it is :)

I think it is pretty amazing... and Amy Coles shook his hand. So, that's kind of awesome, too. :) Haha!

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