Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hope My Brother Bought a Lotto Ticket

My family is on a lucky streak apparently! You saw my previous post about the lovely plates I won. The day after my last post, I talked to Dad on the phone. He told me that someone on his work team had won one of the cars that his company, Toyota, gives away yearly at the Perfect Attendance Ceremony. This year they chose to forgo the ceremony, but still gave the cars away. He said that one of his teammates (5 people including my dad) had won a new Camry. They would find out when they went into work the next day. After attempting to convince Dad that if he won, he wanted to sell me the new car since my car is the family oldest-He reminded me that he probably wouldn't win, but that he would be willing to sell me my mom's old SUV if they did win.

The next day, during a meeting with my new CL staff, I got this text message from him: "Want to buy a car?"

Holy cow! After 19 years of service (he starts his 20th year at the end of this month), and 18 years of perfect attendance (one day missed because of a snow storm), my dad finally won the car drawing! My brothers and I would stay at my grandparents house when my parents would get dressed up for their yearly date to the Perfect Attendance event. When we would see someone start driving down Maw and Paw-Paw's half a mile drive way, we'd stare out the window looking for two sets of headlights. It was always just one set.

When he called my mom from work, she didn't believe him and he had to put his team leader on the phone to convince her he was telling the truth. I think when these photos were taken she might have actually believed him.

Mom In Her New Car.

I'm trying really hard not to be jealous.

Count them- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Cars for 2 people. A little ridiculous. To be fair, the Camero is my brother's and it doesn't work. The truck is used only for hauling things. But still.

With this string of luck, I hope my brothers bought lotto tickets. And that when they win, they show their sister a little love in the form of checks to Sallie Mae and Ed Financial.

All in all, I must say, I'm really proud of Dad. Not because he won a flashy new Camry, but because he's such a great example of faithfulness and love. Not many people have worked faithfully for one place for 20 years. Fewer many have had perfect attendance for all of those years (not counting the snow storm). Not many people when they win a new car, would give it to someone else.

I hope I'm just a bit like my dad when I grow up.


Tiffani R said...

1) Congrats to the Mudd Dad! Awesome!

2) I think that its definitely a generational deal - my mom has been with her company for 35 years! She started as an operater with Pacific Northwest Bell and now she sets sales objectives business sales. Cool, huh? Our parents are pretty great!

3) I totally wish one of my parents would win a car and then just give me one of theirs (I'm in no position to buy a car right now...) :)

Adam Brock said...

There's less and less people like your dad in the workplace. You should be damn proud of him.

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