Sunday, May 3, 2009

Officially On A Break

I have, after much deliberation (seriously, since February), decided to take at least a month long hiatus from Facebook and Twitter. It has truly become a crutch, and a leach on my time. I come home from work, sit in front of the t.v. with my laptop and play on facebook while watching what's on Tivo. This has become increasingly true since finishing my masters almost a year ago. At least before, I had no choice but to put Facebook aside to do something intellectual. But now, I don't have to, and it's an addiction I have fallen to easily into.

Additionally, my 25th Birthday is in less than a month and I have found myself thinking a lot about what that means. Besides the fact I, hopefully, will start feeling like an adult (I can rent a car without paying extra now after all), I feel like 25 marks the beginning of a new era. I really want to go into year 25 intentionally. I want to have a list of things I want to say I am or have done by 30. I really think I need to take a break from vegging out in order to get a clearer grasp on what that means and where I think God is calling me to with the next quarter century of my life.

With that said, no more facebook, no more twitter. Instead I'll:

read. write. post the things I write on here in some cases. have real conversations with friends. be silent. enjoy more time outside with my dog. finally finish a week of my Beth Moore study more than 20 minutes before I am supposed to be there. iron my clothes instead of wearing the same couple of skirts that don't need ironing. decorate my apartment. pick my apartment up every day rather than waiting until it's a disaster to clean. work out more. stop comparing myself to others as much. quit over analyzing everything around me. learn to have the gift of presence. allow the Holy Spirit to develop a quiet spirit within me.

I think the list could go on and on. The point is- there are so many better uses of my time than my Facebook/Twitter Obsession. So, at least until June, I will be saying adios to Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, I may decide to quit permanently! Freedom has never felt so exciting!


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