Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday Finds

Two Fridays ago I found something awesome I wanted to share. I logged on and when trying to think of a title I thought, "Fun Friday Find" would be cool and I could do it every week. Alas, I forgot to finally post that day, and subsequently this week too. So, today I'm going to post two Fun Finds, and then hopefully I'll remember to do it every week!

Found these Fruit Strips by accident two Fridays ago at Target when looking for my Fiber One Pop Tarts. They are like fruit roll ups, but 100% real, organic fruit. I tried the pomegranate ones, and they were so good. They are good, but not sit and eat the whole box tasting, like other sweets. They are healthy and a bit filling! Check out the link below!

Archer Farms Organic 100% Real Fruit Strips: A Perfect Snack
Archer Farms Organic 100% Real Fruit Strips, sold at Target, are a great snack for toddlers, kids, and even adults. These all-natural fruit strips are low in calories, feature some great nutritional qualities, and are affordable.

Hungry Girl!!! Walking through the book section of HEB with my parents a cook book caught my eye. It's titled "Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200" and contains 200 recipes under 200 calories. Not only is there a cookbook but there is also a website and an e-newsletter. Seriously, check it out. Click the picture of the book to go to


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