Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like the feeling of getting standing in my parents yard staring at the millions and millions of stars. I love going home and seeing my family and spending time in the quiet country air. But, since I live, work, and have a sweet dog in Texas, at some point I get a bit anxious to get back and sleep in my bed. After some good, but tough, time at home with the family, I'm back at home in Waco. Monday morning Mom, Dad, and I hit the road in the new Camry to drive back to Waco. We used my GPS to take a fun new route that took us lots of parkways through Western Kentucky and through Missouri into Arkansas rather than the usual route through Tennessee. (We learned, however, that the state line road between Kentucky and Tennessee is called Ken Tenn. How Creative!) We got back to Waco around 11:30 Monday night.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a chalked message outside my door, and a vase of flowers on my table with tons of cards from my friends and co-workers here. As I walked through my apartment I noticed another vase of flowers in the bedroom, a message on my mirror, notes with
scripture verses and in the bathroom more messages, and a basket of bath items. As my parents were getting ready to leave my friends Shannon and Megan knocked on the door and had some staple grocery items in their hands. I have good friends here, and I am blessed!

Mom and Dad stayed yesterday and hung out at the hotel while I worked.
Then they came over and visited with their Granddog a bit. I picked him up that morning and then took him to the groomer. His hair was ridiculously long (covering his eyes), and needed a trimming. Tuck loved having attention and playing with his grandpeople. I think they had fun too!

Mom and Dad left Wednesday morning to go back to the homeland. Last night for dinner I decided to make Fried Green Tomotoes!!! On the drive back we found a produce stand on the side of the road in Arkansas (totally shady, I know) and they sold Green Tomatoes. I have been craving them for weeks, and unfortunately my grandpa's tomatoes were not ready to answer my prayers yet. But, the state of Arkansas was. Thank you Arkansas.

Last night I made them for the first time by myself. I had to make a few alterations to mom's usual recipe- like using wheat bread crumbs instead of cornmeal, but they turned out really well! I paired the tomatoes with rotisserie chicken and peas from the dining hall for a yummy meal.

While I miss my parents it's good to be home, to sleep in my own bed, to be back to work and to have my sweet puppy with me. Tuck and I have cuddled and played ball quite a lot. Tonight I had dinner with the women in my Beth Moore small group and it was a blast. I am not the only one to have had some difficult situations in the last few weeks, and hearing how they are confident in God's working in their lives reminds me that He knows the plans He has for us, and that they are for good and not Harm (Jeremiah 29:11).

In parting here is a video a student shared with me tonight from Louie Giglio that I think is pretty powerful about how all things a held together in Christ. Enjoy!


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